Monday, February 13, 2012

"Smallville" still alive, but Whitney and "House" not??!

I know I've been away for a while. It's just... I'm busy with something else and I'm focusing on opinion pieces on news, but nothing's happening! For the last two weeks, all the news I see in gaming or comics are absolute balls! The most noteworthy thing in gaming alone is Tim Schafer raising money for his next project, but everyone and their dog rushed to say what this "means" for the industry in general.

Talk about a fucking dry-spell!

But a few things did happen in the last couple of days that actually caught my eye. The way I heard the story, it was announced that "Smallville", the WB/CW show about a young Superman that incidentally knew nothing about Superman, would get an 11th season in the form of a monthly comic book. When revered pop-star Whitney Houston heard about it, she fell ill. She was transferred swiftly to Princeton Plainsboro, where the world's greatest diagnostician tried to cure her. Despite his increasingly-dumber-team's best efforts, Houston died under suspect circumstances. To cope with the loss, Dr. Gregory House (MD) decided that drugs were -ironically- not enough and cancelled his show.

So, the first things that happened in 2012 outside of the economic clusterfuckery are that a great singer died after years of substance abuse and one of the 21st Century's best TV dramas got cancelled, while both were replaced by the continuation of the most overrated teen-fantasy piece of shit of a show on television since the non-existent dramatizations of Screech's Star Wars fantasy in "Saved by the Bell".

It's shaping up to be a great year indeed!

Alright, let's do the serious run-down. I have no opinion on Houston dying whatsoever. I don't do music, I don't care, it's just fresh in my mind hence I exploited it for comedic purposes. I'm going to Hell! It's a pity she's dead, but "pity" is the first thing that pops to mind and for someone with a talent of her calibre, this word shouldn't make an appearance anywhere in anyone's head.

Not a fan, personally, but I'm pretty sure her actual fans would rather remember her like this.

As for House ending, I say it's about bloody time! I made my sentiments toward it clear waaay back in my second video ever and I stand by those. I will reserve a more in-depth critique for after the series finale airs. For now, I'm glad it's over in that it won't fuck its own characters and theme up anymore, but there is an underlying sense of sadness to see it go. It was a show I loved like I've loved few works of fiction and, as a character, Greg House has been a leading example of where the jaded anti-hero is headed realistically in his life (no happy ending for you Bats, no matter what Bruce Timm says).

Big fan, personally, so I KNOW that's how I prefer to remember them all.

But so far as "Smallville" goes? Jesus biscuit-fucking Christ, this show just won't go away! Look, the fucking thing sucked. It was a Buffy rip-off, tapping into the Superman mythos. It started with strong ideas, but fell back on its formulaic, procedural nature far too soon, never wanting to actually change and abusing characters and mythos as it went on only to justify its pathetic, creatively-bankrupt existence.

Now it's ripping Buffy (and other past TV properties) again and it continues into the comics. The question that any sensible man must ask is "if they busted our balls for TEN SCROTUM-SLAPPING YEARS that this was Clark Kent's journey to being the Superman we know and love, what the fuck do we need another Superman on-going book for now that he's there????"

Then, an equally sensible, but much smarter person will rethink the above question and may actually give it a shot.

Oh, make no mistake; it's yet another one of those things that just shouldn't exist. "Smallville" doesn't need a continuation, there was nothing interesting about the show when it was on, there is even less interesting things about it now that we're just picking up its leftover scraps and calling them caviar.

But it does have ONE chance in Hell to actually be competent. Joss Whedon may have struck out when he opted to make "Buffy" bigger in his Season 8, what with the Slayer army and the US Army and the different dimensions and time-travel and whatnot, but Superman is no stranger to "big". Smallville was held back by a number of things; budget in part, but mostly the absolutely moronic obsession of the creators and the network to refrain from using the suit, the name, the colours, the iconography in general, even the fucking flight. This was fine for the first 2-3 seasons, but by the 10th season the approach had taken its toll on the material.

Now that all that's out of the equation, this book actually has the chance to be a proper Superman book. Sure, Green Arrow will be a regular and he will be married to Chloe Sullivan, sure the baggage of ten years of stupid decisions regarding the mythos will still be there and no Smallville Lex Luthor will be as effective without Michael Rosenbaum actually acting the lines out, but it can still be a different approach at an actual Superman story.

Soooo... I wouldn't call myself excited, but I am somewhat intrigued.

"Smallville" S11 is written by Brian Q. Miller and drawn by Gary Frank. It's expected to reach digital stores late in February, with physical copies hitting stands in March.

PS: I have no opinion on the redesigned suit yet. Don't bug me about it.

UPDATE: Apologies, I had the "Smallville" release date wrong. Apparently the digital issues will go online on April 13 with physical copies distributed at May 16 of this year.

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